Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, PB&J Industries has grown from its modest beginnings in 2000 to an industry leader in recent years. Jonathan Culverhouse founded the business when he identified the need to replace arcade game cabinets for operators. He offered these replacements for cabinets that were either significantly damaged or in desperate need of an upgrade.

Early operations began in a small 1,500 ft2 building and have moved into separate facilities that now encompass 43,000 ft2. In 2002, PB&J Industries enlarged its operations to include CNC capabilities and then began to work in commercial cabinetry. The company continues to develop and expand to meet the needs of its customers, using the latest technology and techniques to fulfill their exacting demands.

In addition to its many services, PB&J Industries now offers cabinetry for the gaming industry, speakers, retail fixtures, and commercial cabinetry. With its willingness to take any idea from its initial stages through to completion, the company enjoys the challenge from the smallest to the biggest of jobs. The team at PB&J Industries treats each project with the same discerning care regardless of its size. We manage all stages of your project, from the pre-design phase through construction and delivery.

We do both custom and standardized projects. PB&J Industries welcomes all existing and new customers to explore our extensive variety of cabinets and other products, which we produce to the highest standards in the industry. By listening to our customers through constant communication and feedback, the company focuses on continuously revising and refining its offerings. We want to provide the most affordable products with superior usability, security, and quality. In this approach, PB&J Industries differentiates itself from its competitors.

Facilities & Equipment

Along with its offices and manufacturing facility close to the airport in Raleigh, North Carolina, PB&J Industries also operates from its large distribution warehouse in nearby Rocky Mount. To efficiently offer our products and services, we have designed and reconfigured these facilities to accommodate state-of-the art equipment including two high-performance CNC routers.


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