This new “Bonus Hole” coin pusher—sometimes referred to as a quarter slider—has the patented “Bonus Hole” feature that allows BONUS COINS to fall through the BONUS HOLE in the playfield.  Once the BONUS COINS build up in the BONUS BUCKET below the playfield, it dumps the contents to the front win cup for the player.  This authentic McGregor Pusher has proven to be a real moneymaker.

Aside from the “Bonus Hole” feature, this machine operates like a standard pusher where the object of the game is to insert a quarter at the top of the machine and attempt to win money and prizes. When the quarter drops onto the slider, if the quarter falls in a good spot, it pushes the quarter into other items that in turn fall. If the items fall forward, then the customer wins. If the items fall to the side, then the cabinet owner gets to keep the items that fell. The top part of the machine has a slider that moves from side to side that adds a level of skill for legal purposes. In addition, the skill button stops the slider and adds another level of skill. This machine can be adjusted to dispense tickets for states that require that feature.

This machine features an alarm that will sound if the game is tilted. Once the alarm goes off, a flapper activates that causes any items that fall off the slider to slide to the side rather than forward. The alarm can be adjusted as to how long it will sound.

Other features include ¼” tempered safety glass on the front of the cabinet, a coin entry system that prohibits the entry of foreign coins or tokens, and playfield security acrylic as well as coin door flap.  This machine has custom “Bonus Hole” graphics that attract customers to the machine.

Token mechanisms, coin changer (+$575), and ticket dispensers are all possibilities with this pusher. Please see our store for the model that includes the coin changer or contact us with questions about other configurations.

This machine is brand new, is ready to ship, and comes with a one-year warranty.

This pusher’s shipping fee is for freight delivery to a business address or for terminal pick-up. If you would prefer residential delivery or lift-gate service, please call us for a quote.

Pusher Dimensions:
23.5″ Wide
31″ Deep
60″ High

Additional information

Weight 306 lbs